Emotional Testing

Individuals of all ages are referred for emotional testing to gain information on the way they feel, the way they approach situations, to understand their decision making process, to understand behavioral problems or ascertain strengths and weaknesses. Emotional testing consists of a host of evaluations that together accurately diagnose psychiatric problems such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders. At the conclusion of the emotional testing experience, PGW provides a comprehensive debriefing with you and your family (if so desired) to describe the findings and to provide personalized recommendations that include treatment options.

Depending upon the diagnosis, difficulties and the personal learning and coping style of the individual, treatment varies widely. However, treatment explored may include: behavior modification, cognitive-behavior therapy, coping skills development, couples therapy, family therapy, interpersonal therapy, parental guidance and/or play therapy.

PGW staff will be able to discuss the various types of treatment and partner with you to help determine the most effective next steps in facilitating your growth and development. Staff can also aid in arranging services among professionals. For an example, emotional testing may determine relational challenges that may be alleviated with the support of individual therapy.

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